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Modern man is bombarded with much information from the electronic gadgets and the media..Neuro-linguistic programming psychologists have found that 98 per cent of human communication is non-verbal and only two per cent is verbal.Usually, when two people are angry they start hurling abuses and insults at each other, or if they are cowards they suppress the anger and torture. The cultured cultivated mind needs ventilation so that it can remain sane. If they are coming from emotions they carry a lot of charge, which hurts others. It will improve the quality of inter-personal relationships and fill our lives with joy. Chirp like birds or small kids who cannot speak yet. I wish more and more people use gibberish as a means of communication. You can use chemical anchors Manufacturers a gentle singing like gibberish sounds, let your body speak and transmit your positive energy to the other person.Amrit Sadhana is in the management team of Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune. It is so hilarious and liberating. She facilitates meditation workshops around the country and abroad. He calls it “No-Mind — A Meditative Therapy”.

This unprocessed information creates stress and he feels bogged down by it. It was such an outburst of energy that the listeners found it mind-blowing. Gibberish fulfils this need. It is embarrassing for many people to express their love or appreciation for somebody. Yes, garbage it sure is. Osho has made a therapy out of it. This leads to many illnesses like migraine, headache and other psychosomatic diseases. It gave a taste of silence and relaxation to the listener.Gibberish is immensely cathartic and a relaxing way of venting out tensions, or releasing bottled-up emotions without hurting anybody, because people will not understand what you are trying to say. It is an Arabic word; and it comes from an enlightened Sufi mystic, Jabbar. If they come from the intellect, they trigger an argument. In that case, won’t it be good if we use a language that will express ourselves and not create trouble wherever it reaches There is such a language called gibberish. Make meaningless sounds and tell the other person what you think about him/her without words. By emptying the mental garbage you can have a glimpse of the silent and serene space that is beyond the mind.

It was impossible to make any sense out of what he said because there were no full stops, commas, no indication of where the sentence began and where it ended.It also holds good if you want to express your soft feelings for someone. It depends where the words are coming from. But now there is no need to go into the conventional “fight or flight” mode; express your thoughts in gibberish instead. This is exactly what he intended: to bring the mind to a stand still. Jabbar spoke so fast that his words would run over each other. It is actually speaking in the language you don’t know. It cleanses the toxins in the body, relaxes strained nerves and activates the positive energy.Have you noticed that 99 per cent problems are created because of the words that we speak Often, we say things we don’t mean and later we have to clarify ourselves or apologise. Use your body and face. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it It is a wonderful potion for the modern mind which is trained to think logically, rationalise every act, or accumulate thoughts like a heap of garbage

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VIENNA - Edmund Rath, a 53-year-old from Austria, wants to do simple things such as brush his teeth and slice bread.But learning to use his robotic arm, which was supplied by artificial limb maker Ottobock, takes daily practice.His experience could have global implications.Now when he imagines moving his hand, the muscles in his shoulder contract and are read by electrodes in his prosthesis that does the intended movement.The procedure, known as ‘osseointegration’ (OI), involved implanting a metal rod into the bone of his residual limb.They are connected to the amputee’s stump via a customized socket but they can become sweaty, cause skin irritations and restrict movement so users often end up not wearing them.SENSE OF TOUCHThe technology to fuse prostheses to the body has changed little for centuries.OI was first discovered in the 1950s by Swedish researcher Per-Ingvar Branemark and is used for dental implants.Rath said the OI implant allows him to move his arm freely compared to the restricted movement afforded by the socket.S. Millions of people live with limb loss, including around 2 million in the United States alone.

Out from the end of the limb is a standard connector that can plug onto a range of devices. soldiers who lost limbs in wars in the Middle East, according to Horst Aschoff, an expert in OI at the Hannover Medical School in Germany.”.Demand is particularly strong among U.He was chosen by Austrian surgeons as the first person to have a single operation in May to install a click-on prosthesis that the brain controls with signals to the missing hand.Most people take such activities for granted but not Rath, who lost his arm just below the shoulder in a truck accident last year that ended his career as a builder.It took six weeks for the implanted nerves to grow into his muscles and he can now control six different functions of his robotic arm, such as opening and closing his hand.British start-up Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems (CBAS) is working on a ‘Prosthetic Interface Device’ (PID), a neural interface that is integrated into the bone, the skin and the nervous system.The first amputee to receive an OI implant was in Sweden in 1990.That may happen one day.“I don’t want to spring nuts change the world, but everyday things are my goal and I want to be able to do these things as quickly as possible,” Rath told Reuters.

The rod has an external attachment that anchors his prosthesis to his upper arm bone. And the numbers are expected to grow due to rising prevalence of diseases like diabetes.“We think of it like a USB connector from the body.The PID could give users control of any limb, alongside sensory feedback by applying a small electric current to the nerve that can be sent back to the brain and perceived as touch and temperature, said Oliver Armitage, co-founder and chief scientific officer.“You need to fully concentrate when you want to properly control it (the arm) and that sap’s one energy,” he said at Ottobock’s research center in Vienna.One feature of OI is that users can feel some sensation from mechanical vibration in their skeleton, otherwise known as osseoperception, but there is currently no commercially-available product to restore a sense of touch. The surgery is conducted in the West, mainly on lower limb amputees. Experts in Europe, Australia and the United States are leading a drive to find solutions.During the operation - which was screened live to an industry congress in Vienna - doctors also took nerves once used to control his hand and connected them to muscles in his upper arm, a procedure called ‘Targeted Muscle Reinnervation’.Rath’s challenge is to build up strength and learn the skills to make the so-called ‘simple’ activities possible. That bad luck was followed by a stroke of fortune

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Anyway. "If shes guilty of anything it is recycling a joke."Criticism of Camerotas comment has since been circulating on social media. Cuomo immediately congratulated Vinay for doing a great job, saying, "You know what I love about this." Vinay, sincerely tried to guess the spelling of the word, asked if there were any alternate pronunciation for it."Another user Jeremy McLellan, a standup comedian, wrote on Twitter "12-year-old Ananya Vinay won the National Spelling Bee so naturally CNN had her on to spell covfefe and say some racist stuff to her. She finally spelled it cofefe. Not only did you make yourself proud and your family, but do you know that there are kids all over the country, probably the world, who are going to look at you and say, "I want to put in that work."Alisyn made the same joking reference to the root of covfefe in an earlier panel discussion that was aired on Wednesday," the CNN spokeswoman said.The sixth-grader had correctly spelled the word marocain and became the 13th consecutive winner from the Indian-American community at the annual spelling bee championship.

Like a true spelling bee participant, Vinay asked the definition of covfefe and its language of origin, to which the anchors responded "gibberish. So, were not sure that its root is actually in Sanskrit, which is what youre probably, uh, used to using, so, I dont know."Asha Dahya, creator/editor-in-chief of female empowerment blog GirlTalkHQ, wrote on Twitter, "CNN anchor assumes spelling bee champ, who happens to be of Indian descent, uses Sanskrit to find the origin of a word."However, netizens were quick to criticise Camerota for assuming that Vinay would know Sanskrit, some calling her comment racist and others expressing disbelief that she would make such an assumption just because Vinay is of Indian-origin heritage. I want to be a champion. To assign a bias to what was a fun and innocent segment celebrating Ananya Vinays incredible accomplishment is frankly extremely cynical," she said in a statement. If she were Jewish would u say your real language is Hebrew.

California resident Vinay was being interviewed by CNN anchors Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo following her win last week at the prestigious Scripps National Spelling Bee. I want to spell like her..Towards the end of the interview, Camerota asked Vinay to spell covfefe, the word recently used by President Donald Trump in one of his tweets that took the social media by storm sleeve anchors Suppliers with people guessing what the US leader could have meant by that word."A CNN spokeswoman, in a report in the Washington Post, said Camoretas comment had nothing to do with the girls heritage, and that the interview was not the first time the anchor has joked about Sanskrit being the origin of covfefe.Susan Benesch wrote on Twitter, "CNN guesses the US national spelling bee winner is used to using Sanskrit.New York: A CNN anchor is being lashed out by netizens for allegedly making a "racist" remark against Indian-American national spelling champion Ananya Vinay, assuming that the 12-year-old is "used to using" Sanskrit due to her heritage.Camerota then told Vinay the correct spelling was covfefe and added, "Its a nonsense word

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What makes her unique is her strong determination to reach out to other women and motivate them to accept their ‘fat’ bodies and feel beautiful and positive, which, she says, will automatically give a woman a charming personality that will become their key to success. I started accepting my body in whichever size it was because I knew that it was also due to the hormonal imbalance my body was going through. However, here is a woman who chose to row against the tides. Going bald was the recent big decision that Akshaya took without worrying about the number of questions she will have to face from her family and society, the greatest hindrance being her caste. She adds that she has also motivated many to donate their hair. She couldn’t believe it when many people in Chennai and Mumbai, other than her friends, also shaved their heads or cut short their long hair and donated it to cancer survivors. She has been ever since receiving a massive feedback from people down South India and other parts of India. Ramachandran.“She has a pretty face, but why can’t she tone down a bit and lose those extra kilos, which might be the reason why she is not getting a good marriage proposal? Who cares if she puts on as much weight after getting married and having kids, because after marriage no one cares if a woman is still beautiful?” says society.

When beauty is the topic of discussion, how can one forget about the hair? For a woman to be attractive, long, black and thick hair is a must. Akshaya says that she received a number of phone calls and messages appreciating her decision. I strongly believe that if I am on a mission to promote anything good then I should be the first one to practise it and become the example for others,” she says, adding that the idea of going bald has been on her mind for two years now, but it was after some research that she finally decided to donate hair to cancer survivors.Though studies say that in the Indian context, a woman’s beauty was never associated with being skinny or fair, such arguments remain only on paper.For the past six months, Akshaya has been trying to rejuvenate her damaged hair so that she could donate a healthy and natural looking hair.

The popular notion about being attractive is what society believes in.Akshaya, who hails from Chennai, is a fashion designer by profession. “In an era when people are extremely conscious about their looks and are opting for numerous treatments that include injections, consuming steroids, and even going for hair transplant, anchor bolts I just wanted to show them that opportunities look for talents and not the looks. One of her TikTok videos shows her taking off her wig and it received four million views. None of those people who bullied me would help me come out of the mental trauma that I was facing. She tells them not to get disheartened by rejections and that opportunities are plenty.”Akshaya, who was rejected by a channel for being plus size, says that her focus is on motivating mothers who have gained weight after pregnancy and plus-size teenagers who have hormone-related imbalances. However, I didn’t want any emotion to make my moral go down and though I respect their feelings to the core, I was sure that I was not wrong. She is also a blogger, plus-size model and anchors various shows as well.Akshaya, who has succeeded in changing her family’s perspective that going bald against customs will not make her suffer God’s wrath, is on a journey to bring about the same change in society as well. Beauty and size, despite being two independent entities, have remained interwoven from time immemorial

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The word around trend hubs is traditional plus textured and that spells vintage furniture with saturated colour fabrics placed against organic and rustic backgrounds. Go EcoConsidering new upholstery or repainting your kitchen cabinets? Dark green is in. Go Green has become a motto for many a personal, ecological and social endeavours as well. You could also bring home a mosaic wall hanging if permanent is not on your mind. In the city, we might not feel the lightness of snowflakes, but we can usher in new décor to add to the conviviality. Metals from the PastHeritage has been another buzzword in interior trends for 2017.3. One idea for winter décor would be to grab a wool stone rug (that looks like a pebbled path) and pattern mix it with a wavy weave (like a river) and place it in your doorway to astonish guests. According to Pantone, the 2017 Colour of The Year was called Greenery and it represents fresh new beginnings symbolic of rejuvenation, revitalisation and reassurance that are much-needed in the complex socio-political scenarios of today.

Heirloom tablescapesYour house is ready for guests but a little focus on laying the table can drop in anchors bolts for sale delight them even more.2. Kitchen and bathroom walls and staircases are some of the larger areas where mosaic can be incorporated. Stylised ComfortIf you are planning on buying a new sofa, then velvet is the fabric this winter. Pebble mosaics were first seen in Mycenean Greece and mosaics with patterns and pictures appeared in classical times as well, both in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. Here are some ideas on how you can invite winter magic into your abode for some holiday excitement. Play out your own theme with horns and feather accessories, large indoor plants/trees and decorative flora and fauna paintings perched on a cerused wood panel or brick-textured wall of the living room for a mysterious visual conversation. It may be a good idea to add a verdant hue to your surroundings by acquiring some occasional furniture like display units and shoe cabinets, if going whole hog is a bit too much for your taste.

Other combinations could be bold stripes with multi-coloured kilim. This trend is yet another step towards a growing ecological adaptation and memorialises human gratitude towards nature. Cobble together multi-toned hardwood, distressed wide plank flooring or furniture with bright, deep forest and floral prints for upholstery, curtain or room furnishings, and you will have your own wild urbanism. Green is always welcome and doesn’t Mother Nature support every new bud with green too? No wonder Mercedes Benz is offering their 2017 AMG GTR sports car in green as well! Deep green was around in the 80s and 90s, and it’s not so much a trepidation bearing change for Indian home interiors. For an added touch, add paper flowers to glassware and place dried wreaths on walls or doors to welcome the winter feeling. It is a time of cheer when kinsfolk and kindred gather for elaborate festive meals and rejoice in the warmth of home and hearth. Usher in the season with a newness of spirit and décor.5. Mosaic is an artistic compilation of inlaid coloured stone or glass for decorative purposes.

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Scrappy News ServiceWhat is Scrappy News service USP ?To be Scrappy.. Every show has a simple call to action, something you can do.At the same time, we also ran the numbers and realized that young people who are in school today, Grade 8, 9, that we’re not sure how many jobs will be when they complete Grade 12, so we wanted to celebrate ‘choosing’ to be an entrepreneur to be an option, wholesale anchor bolts we wanted to make entrepreneurs into action-heroes.To be launched on November 14, The Children’s Scrappy News Service is a makeshift news service, a news-talk-game show run by two kids and a robot called Scrappy, taking on India’s biggest problems and solving them.Scrappy News ServiceWhat made you start the Scrappy News Service?We had been teaching children skills at school through stories for a while and we realized the problem was that no matter what we did to get parents attention, sending notes home, running radio shows, well, we realized that parents still did not know what was happening at school that was new and good.Its children who are growing up in a messy world.

Lisa Heydlauff, CEO and founder of Children Scrappy News Service and Going to School talks to us about the programme, and her future plans. And that’s our USP.It is an original, made in India show, where in an hour-long format, each show takes on a new problem that’s important to kids.What next for you?The Children’s Scrappy News Service global, on air, on the ground, online, a global children’s revolution to change everything, now. It’s perennial: Why is there no place to play? Let’s learn how to swim! Grandparents crossing the road! Let’s get every dog a job! Recycle everything. How is the news service going to be different?It’s all good news.The Children’s Scrappy News Service does both, because it’ s wacky, fun, silly, made by children for children in local communities parents know about it, they come out and watch it being made, they are guests in the newsroom and in the children’s studio audience. It’s made by kids for kids. Its children who can find solutions and start a revolution to change everything.

Scrappy News ServiceAre you doing something with animals too?Children love animals, and so do we. Scrappy is stuff anyone can do.And it’s entrepreneurs who children often find and interview to find solutions to the problems they want to solve - waste, water, climate change - so Scrappy does three things, it gives children a platform to learn skills, it’s something parents enjoy watching and it features entrepreneurs who are making the world a more equitable place for us all, especially children. For us ‘Scrappy’ means to change the world with whatever you’ve got, anyone can be scrappy, you don’t have to speak English or be online, it’s about doing whatever you can, wherever you are.With problems ranging from, a dearth of places for activity to the abundance of plastic in oceans, young anchors invite guests into the newsroom to discuss on their red couch: electricians, plumbers, entrepreneurs, parents.Lisa Heydlauff, CEO and founder of Children Scrappy News Service and Going to SchoolWhat is the five-year plan?To connect kids around the world around what they care about #noplasticintheocean and so much more.

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Such is the magical power of a password called “national security” that it will get the minions of Big Brother past any firewall, break any protest or resistance and stop any attempt to seek privacy in a world where the thoughts of the deepest recess of your soul are a threat to everyone else. There are CCTV cameras everywhere. Let us make no mistake, on this, all governments are together. The surveillance will get sharper, stronger and more intense. Your real-time bank statements, latest location details, payments, chats — everything is adding up as an offering to the Deity of the Century — the Big Data God, who in turn, subserviently, works for the Supreme Duo of the surveillance state — lords of national security and anti-terrorism.Gone are days when science, fiction and fear fused to moments of epiphany when you stood under a divinely lit dark sky, wondering while counting the stars, if we are alone in the universe and if some alien is watching us from somewhere up there, from beyond the Milky Way.We will slide down this slope till the Pegasus of the future can read your minds, hack your hearts and snoop in your soul.

Phones can be listened to and are listened to; conversations are recorded, emails are read.Since the latest controversy on a theme that defines our lives and times — citizen privacy — revolves around our second lives on social media and digital platforms, let us start with a joke gone viral as a meme. To the brave new world, ahoy!. Today, you and I must just look at our WhatsApp group or the FB chat, and wonder, who else is there? Each WA group admin must know a larger, unseen, omnipotent, omnipresent vigilant of a tax-paid Theo is indeed a reality.There is a war underway, AI-powered, between two sets of codes of zeroes and ones — one protecting your privacy, and the other, tie wire anchors protecting the government against your privacy, and despite the festive season’s claims, the good is losing. A government-employed cyber-snoop is seen chiding activists and citizens protesting against violations of their privacy, saying, “But for decades, you complained the government does not listen to you?”Big Brother is watching more, more of us, and for most of our time, armed with more eyes than Lord Indra, mythological king of heaven, who had all of a mere 1,000 eyes.

The Bard of Avon must read the rejoinder they have emailed to him — the ghost of Banquo is no longer imaginary.As we read about how Pegasus, an Israeli spyware, sold only to governments, has breached the privacy protecting wall we believed was bigger than the Great Wall of China, and stronger than the wall US President Donald Trump is yet to build, the end-to-end encryption of WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, owned by a gawky teenage disruptor-turned-tech moghul Mark Zuckerberg. The ubiquitous mobile phone, proof of our economic renaissance since the great liberalisation of 1991, the measure of India’s rise as a nation in the new millennium, the telecom bridge to closing all gaps, obliterator of all inequalities, provider of opportunities for all, delivering governance and pizzas to your doorstep, the panacea in your pocket linking you to the world, running to the command of your fingertips — has been breached, unimpeachable reports cite, at the behest of Big Brother himself

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